Angel to Heaven

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redhotknockout inquired:

"Megadad, please. I've seen and done far worse than just a simple clean up. Just don't destroy the monitor accidentally, please." [[hell yeah movie time with the old man]]

"Hmph. I’ll try to refrain from senselessly destroying the whole room."

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Sides: :::Are you a sweet or savory sort of guy when it comes to snacks? Just wondering because in the next month the multiverse is gonna be bombarded with all sorts of treats and slag.:::




[[I’ve never been one for sweets, actually. I prefer bitter tastes…why? What’s happening?]]

[[I find sweets are a little too sweet for me.]]

:::Even if you only have a few?:::

:::Sunny’s kind like that. He’s a things in moderation sorta guy.:::

[[Soundwave likes to share treats from time to time. I will not reject a gift from him.]]

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Come Into My Parlor


"You can speak. Impressive, even for you." Airachnid watched Megatron with a smirk, pretending to have no reaction to his struggling, but she felt uneasy - it was the first time she was controlling someone except her insecticons and she picked a far from easy target for it. Still, she remained calm on the surface, indifferent even; responding to the threat with a sigh.

"I don’t fear death, Megatron, nor do I fear you. There is nothing you can possibly do to me that hasn’t been done to me already. "

She chuckled, winking at the ex-gladiator and standing up on her spider limbs, approaching him slowly.

"But I digress. Since you can talk without me issuing commands every minute, lets put that perk to use."

She circled around him, admiring the view - seeing Megatron like this made her forget every rational fear, leaving only the euphoria of victory and giddy excitement for the things she could do to him.

Running her claws underneath his chin and slightly lifting it up, she gave him a playful smirk.

"Tell me all about how your master used you for entertainment. I never owned a slave, might need a tip or two."

A single talon stroked against one of the scars on his lower jaw as she looked into his optics, the smirk never leaving her lips.

"Well, I’m all audials, my pet."

Despite the order that made its way through the false coding, strangling him into submission with a firm hold on his voicebox, Megatron found Airachnid’s question a tedious copy of similar questions tentatively fronted by those to whom he had once been close. Talking about Stratus was no traumatizing endeavor, merely a tired exercise he had long since grown weary of undertaking.

But still, he answered.

“She called me ‘pet’ as well,” he sneered, lip plates curling. “She called me whatever she felt like calling me. Most of the time it was D-16; that was the section of mine I was assigned before the Pits. For entertainment, I was made to cater to her fanciful whims and whatever orders she gave.”

Even kneeling, Megatron found a way to heighten his stature. With his knees in the debris his back remained ramrod straight, his shoulders back and his helm tilted high so he could look down at her. He looked into her compound optics and imagined spearing them through with his talons, plucking them right out of their orbital housing and leaving her blind. He imagined pulling apart her spindly limbs one by one and breaking them into a hundred pieces—fantasies were common among slaves.

“Stratus liked to show off my strength to her comrades,” he continued, shifting on his knees as he spoke. “She stripped me down to my protoform and disengaged the locks around my sparkchamber. Everyone saw. Everyone thought she was insane. Sometimes she forced me to pleasure her; if she was feeling benevolent, it would be within the privacy of her personal quarters. Most of the time she used her ‘tools’ to get the job done. I could only resist for so long before exhaustion set in, but Stratus enjoyed the struggle. Her favorite past time was sending me to the gladiatorial arenas and watching me fight.”

He narrowed his optics and tilted his helm at Airachnid, wondering what she had planned. No one else could say they had captured and enslaved Megatron, the Terror of Kaon, the Slagmaker himself. It was the finest opportunity, the best she could have made for herself. He could think of a dozen interesting ways she could order him to offline himself, and it wasn’t the thought that was terrifying, but the fact that she hadn’t.

It would be her doom, he decided as he flexed his armor into an impressive flare. Hewould not be held for long. Chip or not, he would fight his way out of this even if it meant a little self-harm was in order. She could not possibly injure him more than he had already been mistreated.

He could…bide his time, so to speak.

He had all the time in the world.

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Ratchet, everyone.

I know some of my friends will enjoy the Megatron/Ratchet moment >3

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Anonymous inquired:

Maybe you're mistaken about people if you cannot stand an entire group to the point that you won't even interact with one of their associates. That is kind of a shitty thing to do.

//On the contrary.

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I trust you to put him in his place when he needs it.


It’s easy to see who’s the more level-headed and dominant twin.

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redhotknockout inquired:

He was surprised to to hear his agreement and gave a slight shrug. "Just as long as you aren't a sleep-talker, I'm fine with that."

"Just as long as you’re not put off by disassembling a fusion cannon for cleaning. I like to keep my servos busy."

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redhotknockout inquired:

"Oh! Megadad, I have a question of my own! Would you rather watch a Disney film with me, or an action movie?"

"…..Action. Do not expect me to remain online for the entire thing."

Anonymous inquired:

If you had to choose between dating for some time or kissing a human which would it be?

Dating, easily. As though I would go near a human for any other reason but to kill it.

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Anonymous inquired:

If you had to choose between dating a femme seeker or trying to make soundwave laugh at a joke which would you choose?

Making Soundwave laugh. 

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riger-con inquired:

Hi again! How are you???

Getting there—as slowly as rust spreads.

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I could show you how /fun/ dancing can be. I don't understand your stalwart refusals--unless you really are /that/ embarrassing to watch. In which case, dance with me anyway, you need the practice.

I’m far too big to be dancing out on a floor already crowded with dozens of other mecha. Why must it be dancing?



11. A hug

The black jet approached Megatron with slitted optics and purring engines. The next moment, their fields were mingling together as she pressed her frame against his. Servos slid around his hips, and Nightfall nuzzled at his chest plating in a rare display of affection.

Megatron stiffened, but did not immediately shove Nightfall away as he was wont to do in situations where he felt his physical space invaded. Not that the urge to do so wasn’t strong, but he knew Nightfall wasn’t one for a show of affection—not like this, and not with him.

Slowly he pat the top of her helm, grumbling something about needy Seekers and their impossible constitutions.

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worthyofaprime inquired:

// not an anon but here have curious Orion // {{ Megatron, are you busy? }}



[[Not very. Why?]]

{{ I wish to invite you to visit my continuity. To come to my Cybertron, and…I do not know what else… I just feel as though it would be refreshing for you, and seeing as my Megatronus has just….disappeared, it would be nice to have some actual interaction with someone.. }}

[[Would I be welcome? Knowing who I am and what I’ve done?]]

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